South Meadow Volleyball

About South Meadow Volleyball

Hello! My name is Cassy deRochemont and I am currently a sophomore at UNH in Durham, NH.I founded South Meadow Volleyball in order to give high school girls in Southern New Hampshire the opportunity to play sand doubles.  My role is primarily to organize the games between teams, not coaching.  For the most part, this league should serve as a laid back and fun way for girls to continue playing volleyball in the summer and improve their skills.  I am always open to questions and am happy to talk volleyball if you email!  

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO PLAY? High school girls entering grades 9-12.

WHEN WILL GAMES TAKE PLACE? Wednesdays with starting times ranging on 9am-5pm.  Generally each team will be scheduled for one match each week, but "double headers" are possible.  Time preferences will be taken into consideration, but cannot be guaranteed.  Games begin in the middle of June and end the week before preseason in August.

WHERE ARE THE GAMES? East Kingston, NH.  More details upon registration.

HOW MUCH WILL IS COST? The cost is $50 per player.

WHY SHOULD I PLAY SAND DOUBLES?  Not only is playing sand doubles loads of fun, it helps improve your volleyball skills!  Any time you are getting extra touches on the ball,  is a time for improvement. However, playing on the sand helps players in a way indoor cannot.  Simply playing on the sand helps players improve both their speed and vertical.  Playing with only one other teammate will also help improve communication and accuracy, among many other benefits!

ARE THE RULES THE SAME AS INDOOR? Generally, all the rules are the same, but after registering each player will receive a list of "Rules and Regulations."  If you check out the "Rules and Regulations" tab on this website, you can read more about this.  There will also be two clinics available before the first day of play to ensure all players understand any rules differences, and have the opportunity to practice on the sand.  

HOW DO I SIGN UP? If you are interested in registering or have any questions email or Registration begins April 1st, 2013 and ends May 15th, 2013.   


There are some pictures available on this website, but many more can be viewed here: